Amma’s Presence in my daily life – Experience of Mr.Bany

I grew up in a very religious family, apart from twice daily prayer rituals there were always some kind of major religious activities every fortnight or month performed by my mother, sisters and my grandfather. As a teenager my religious duties were confined to answer the call from my mother to come and accept the blessings and Prasad after a puja .

The fact that compelled me to answer my mother’s call was that the prasads were generally very tasty and the fear of recrimination by both the almighty and my mother if it was ignored. While busy playing cricket, soccer and various other sports the presence of god in my life was felt only in terms of the greed to eat tasty Prasad and not upsetting god to avoid God’s punishment.

I started visiting the Famous Ma kali temple in Kalighat, Calcutta in my college days just to accompany some of my friends. I did not feel any divine influence in my life even then; it was mere peer pressure that made me accompany them. However as the time passed and after a few visits to Ma Kali temple I started preying to goddess kali along with my friends and in particular at times whenever I faced any obstacles in my life, whether it was in my studies or later in my life when I started my professional career. My life started taking a giant leap from very ordinary to extraordinary as I kept asking for strength and support from Amma, there was nothing i could do wrong and everything that i ventured into became a resounding success. Starting from a very successful professional career as a Management team at the Oberoi hotels to arriving in Australia on a scholarship to study hotel management.

As my belief in Amma grew so did my achievements both in Business and wealth, People around me also became the beneficiaries of Amma’s grace. Many of my colleagues now ask me to pray for them for their success in various venture and to overcome obstacles in day to day life, some of them are not even Hindu yet they all realize the power of Amma. In Melbourne, I always felt a void, because there were many temples of various God and Goddesses yet there were none in any significant way to worship Amma. There was no mass performance of Maha Chandi or Homam for Amma. Therefore for devotees of Amma like myself had to wait till we visited India to offer our prayer to amma in any significant manner. I always wished that one day we will be able to offer our prayer and witness a performance of Maha Chandi and Homa here in Melbourne. When I was just on the verge of giving up any such occurrence ever happening In Melbourne , Amma sent Lakshmiji to Melbourne to fulfil the wishes of all the devotees of Amma in Australia.

I simply could not believe my luck as Lakshmiji performed the first Mass Maha Chandi and Home for amma at Shirdi Sai Sanstan Temple at Melbourne in the year 2011. Those present were totally consumed by the atmosphere of such an event, with the loud chanting of Mantra every one present felt the presence of Amma on the Dias and were absolutely overwhelmed. I personally have never attended any religious ceremony in Melbourne. That was so complete in every detail. Lakshmiji for being so unassuming in her nature, it was possible for every devotee to come in close contact with her and receive blessing from her. I know for a fact ever since her performance of Maha Chandi in Australia, many had experience some unique experience in their life, many including myself have an unique experience to share with others, some were benefited in health, some progressed in their professional Career, some found relief from depression, some found peace in their life, some even found wealth.

One has to just listen to these devotees and their stories to understand. Every one attributed this sudden change in their life to Amma. Laksmiji has started to perform a number of mahachandi havans also in 2012 in many parts of Australia with the same resounding success and as a result the number of Amma devotees are increasing every year. Now I am looking forward to her arrival in Melbourne in 2013 Finally I feel my prayer to Ma Kali has been answered by having Laksmiji amongst us and prey and perform Mahachandi in Melbourne for the ever increasing number of devotees I experience Ammas gift every day of my life and feel protected by her divine presence every day.

Those who are very close to me have either witnessed or have been beneficiaries of such occurrence. I am sure there are many other devotees of Amma like myself who has their own experience to share with others, it would be just wonderful to know their experience in this web site.

Bany, Australia

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