Ashta Lakshmi Puja at Parrys, Chennai

Often we hear from Shri Lakshmiji narrating how important for families to  perform  Lakshmi Pooja at their houses to  have the Blessings from Goddess Maha Lakshmi  and above all the Financial progress and overall prosperity.

On our humble request to Shri Lakshmiji to perform the Shri Raja Mathangi Sahita Ashta Lakshmi Deepa Puja at our house on Sunday the 12th August, 2012,  her noble self readily obliged and blessed with her presence for the Pooja. My entire family was initiated into the puja.Here, we are delighted to share some of the divine moments that happened during the Pooja.

 In fact, we haven’t thought of taking Aarathi, when Shri Lakshmiji enters….but somehow it happened suddenly, we prepared the Kunkumam Aarathi and welcome Shri Lakshmiji… Even Shri Laksmiji was surprised and said “Guru Anugraham”(blessings of the lineage of Gurus) … it happened.

 After that under her guidance, we started from Maha Ganapathy Ashtothram and for nearly one and half hours, Shri Lakshmi Pooja was performed. We placed mainly 2 Kuthu Villaku and decorated like AMBaaL … and flowers were offered during ashtothra namaskarams.After completing the Astothram, during the time of offering Maha Neivedyam and PRARTHANA…..

 We were all blessed when Shri Lakshmiji closed her eyes and instructed us to pray whole heartedly according to ones genuine wishes ….we all did … then at the close of the prayers, WHEN SHRI LAKSHMIJI WAS PRAYING FOR US AND SHE CALLED “ AMMA” . .. A flower from the lotus feet of the Goddess dropped down and we all went spell bound with the divine experience of the occasion and felt the blessings of the Universal Mother. Shri Lakshmiji blessed us further saying – AMMA has accepted our prayers … and showered her blessings.

Our sincere thanks to Shri Lakshmiji for all her guidance in performing this most powerful Pooja.

 Hearty Pranams and Prayers to the Almighty.

 –  Mallinathan

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