We would like to share our personal experience in doing the Raja Mathangi Deepa Pooja.In the beginning of the year, when Sri Lakshmiji was here in Brisbane, we were blessed with the opportunity of doing the pooja with her repeatedly in many places.  We also had the blessings of SriLakshmiji when we performed this pooja at our residence in her presence.  We had the wonderful opportunity of repeating the mantras one after the other after lakshmiji.  It was indeed spiritual journey for us.

Today, when we continue to perform the pooja, we can still hear lakshmiji’s voice each time  when we say the mantra and her voice calling “meenakshi”.  We believe because of that voice and the power of the goddess.  We can feel the presence of meenakshi each time we do the pooja.What we benefited from this –  at tough times our financial concerns (job) were taken care and I could able to do my PhD, as I get some form of help and guidance which I never expected.

Sri Gurubyoh namaha

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