Devotee Experiences – On Guruji and Sri Lakshmi Ji

I have lived in Singapore for over 10 years now. It is almost 20 years since I met Lakshmiji. Counting my blessings I always count twice that I had the fortune of meeting Shri Venkatesa Bhttachariar in my 20’s. I have also to an extent witnessed the transformation of Lakshmiji from cutting edge scientist to a spiritual thinker and practitioner and now to the beacon of her guru parampara.

Shri Venkatesa Bhattachariar was an amazing Guru who reached out to all with simplicity and sincerity of purpose. He skills, spiritual strength have left many baffled and many more inspired. To 20 year olds like me he was a great guiding force. He gave spirituality ” bite sized” – in easy principles and practices. When he left this earth he ensured that his knowledge stayed on through his prime disciple Shri Lakshmiji. I have in these past years seen her grow from his prime disciple to become Shri Bhattachariar’s voice in his absence. She carries with her the same humility and sincerity and spiritual strength ensuring that people who get into this parampara are protected for a life time. Through their respective personal prayers as scripted by Lakshmiji and backed by the spiritual strength of this parampara. There are so many instances where people like me have benefitted greatly from her prayers and guidance.

Mrs.Subramanyan, Singapore