Devotee Experiences on Ashta Lakshmi Puja

Sri Lakshmiji has been narrating to the Devotees repeatedly that during the days of Guruji, on several occasions, Sri Lakshmiji has felt different types of divine fragrances in and around her presence, which Guruji has confirmed as experiencing the Superior Divine.

As Sri Lakshmiji puts it to her devotees that this divine presence could be felt by each and every one.  This has turned a Sathya Vaaku and many of the devotees have started feeling the same.

One, Mrs Mohana felt the divine fragrance frequently at her residence.  One more devotee has felt the fragrance of Panchakavya at her residence.  The latest being that of Mrs Shanthi, who has sensed the divine fragrance not only at her house but also in her car when she was travelling.

May the Divinity spread everywhere…..