Devotee’s experience on Sri Raja Mathangi Sahita Ashta Lakshmi Deepa Puja

Deepa Pooja, one of the ancient poojas was conducted in our house by Sri Lakshmiji, the disciple of pujya Shri Venkatesha Bhattachar Swamigal, also the founder Trustee of Lokakshema Yagna Trust and a Trustee of Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anchaneya Foundation, Tiruvallur. The Pooja commenced at 6.30 pm on 17.07.2011 ( Sunday, Aadi 1st) and the two hours after was a real boon to all those who had attended it. Sri Lakhsmiji, told us the value of conducting it and also the meanings of important words. We can find the difference before and after the conduction of the Pooja.

The Pooja had really boosted our spirits and had enlightened our minds. The true worth of participating in it can be experienced only by the assistance of one self. We feel really elated at the rising harmony in our family after the Lakshmi Pooja. We are very much grateful to Sri Lakshmiji for conducting the Pooja in our house and also wish to spread the same all over the world for peace and goodwill.

S.S. Seenivasan
V.M Nagar,