Report on 32nd Maha Nava Chandi Homam, Thiruvallur

With the divine Grace of Goddess Chandika Parameswari, and in the presence of Pujya Guru Sri Lakshmiji, the 32nd Maha Nava Chandi Homam was conducted at “Meenakshi Illam” Tiruvallur on the auspcious occasion of Sri Varalakshmi Vratham day on Friday, 27th July, 2012.
The event started with the Maha Ganapathi Sangalpam at the scheduled time of around 1.30 PM.
During the time when the churning of the arali wooden plank for initiating agni, there was a vignam of the agni not coming out within a reasonable time.  Sri Lakshmiji advised the organisers to break a coconut to Sri Maha Ganapathi offerrng prayers for clearing out that vignam, in no time, agni emanated and the main homam commenced.
While the homam was on and during the 7th avarthi or so, the clouds turned dark hinting of a probable heavy downpour.  Again Sri Lakshmiji, suggested the organisers to offer one more coconut to Sri Maha Ganapathi with the prayers to clear this natural vignam. To the surprise of all the devotees, the dark rainy clouds vanished providing a path for the smooth conduct and completion of the balance part of the Homam.
It is a clear indication to all the devotees, that vignams / disturbances that are caused in our day to day life could be cleared with the offering of prayers whole heartedly to Sri Maha Ganapathi and the vignams will vanish in no time.  We need a strong belief that such vignams will tend to disappear, with our hearty prayers to the Almighty

Further, the homam was very well attended by a big family crowd from the local vicinity, despite the fact being that the event was not much propagated.
The event went on very well and was over well in time.
– Ravi J