Report on 29th Maha Nava Chandi Homam,Thiruvallur

The Chandi Homam was conducted under the guidance of Sri Lakshmi Ji at ‘Meenakshi Illam” on 19th May 2012 in Tiruvallur. This was significant as this Chandi Homam was being conducted in less than one month from the conduct of the previous homam on April 24, 2012.

As Sri Lakshmi Ji noted, that there was a clear presence of Goddess Sri Meenakshi right throughout the performance of the homam. The agni madanam done to ignite the divine homakundam was almost immediate. Sri Lakshmi Ji explained that this was a clear sign of the presence of the divine.

The homam commenced with Maha Ganapati Pooja and aavahanam besides the sankalpam by all the devotees present there. The homam, as usual was conducted strictly under the directions given by our revered Guru Parampara.

Another significant aspect of this homam was that this particular homam was completed by around 7.30 pm without sacrificing the details and the essence of the performance as prescribed by our Guru Parampara. Normally, the performance of Chandi Homam usually takes a longer time. Sri Laksmi Ji pointed out that this was again a clear sign of the presence of the divine.

It should also be noted that Tiruvallur was experiencing severe heat, [being agni nakshataram days] in the month of May. Even though there was no sign of rain, Tiruvallur experienced heavy showers for more than an hour, 2 days before the Chandi Homam. All the devotees have always noticed that rains come down within 2 days after the conduct of Chandi Homam at Thiruvallur. This time, this has happened 2 days prior to the homam and cooled down the atmosphere significantly.

Can there be any more sign of the presence of Divinity on the occasion?