Raja Matangi Sahitha Sri Ashta Lakshmi Pooja, West Mambalam, Chennai

Om Sri Mathre Namah

The Raja Matangi Sahitha Sri Ashta Lakshmi Pooja, was conducted in West Mambalam on 25 th of January, 2013, Friday.

The pooja was performed under the guidance of our Guruji Sri Lakshmi Ji, as per the procedure laid down by our Paramaguru, “Mantramurthy Dasan” Sri Venkatesa Bhattachar Swamigal. The day was particularly auspicious as it was not only a Friday (being auspicious for Goddess Lakshmi) but also the Friday that falls in the Tamil month of “Thai”.

Around 10 devotees participated in the pooja which was performed with utmost devotion and fervor. Apart from the participants many other devotees also witnessed the Pooja. Sri Lakshmi Ji explained the importance of the pooja. She said the continued participation and conduct of this pooja helps not only in bestowing prosperity but also brings about stability and peace in one’s life.

Sri LakshmiJi also narrated a few instances where activities for the sake Lokakshema that have been undertaken by her were successfully completed. These activities were very large and humungous in nature and were getting delayed for the past two years or so…. She said that this Raja Mathangi Sahitha Ashta Lakshmi Pooja that is being conducted for the past so many years has helped overcome all the obstacles. She again urged the devotees gathered to do the pooja as per the prescribed format for overall prosperity and lokakshema.

The pooja concluded with maha mangala arati and distribution of prasadam to the gathered devotees.