Report on 30th Maha Nava Chandi Homam, Thiruvallur, Chennai

The Nava Chandi Homam was conducted with great devotional fervor and enthusiasm on 17th June 2012 at “ Meenakshi Illam” Tiruvallur(near Chennai) by Sri Lakshmi Ji as per the guidelines of our Guru Parampara. The Agni Madanam was instantaneous as last time indicating the successful beginning of the Chandi Homam and approval of Goddess Meenakshi.

It was always observed that as the Homam and other rituals begin the Goddess always gives Her approval in the form of a fruit or garland falling down from the elaborate and ornate decoration around the yaga shala. Our Guruji Sri Lakshmi Ji very rightly interpreted this by saying that the Goddess had goaded the participants to start the Homam on time and given her approval that everythingwas in order. It appeared that the Homam was getting delayed due to arrival of devotees from far of places was getting delayed. Due to the Grace of Goddess Meenakshi the homam went off well and was completed on time.

Meenakshi Kataksha Lakshmi Ji,  was also delighted to notice that many devotees who have turned out for the Homam were keen to have sankalpam and many of them opted to have the Maha sankalpam. The Maha sankalpam was done elaborately by the pandits in charge. Sri Lakshmi Ji noted that this was because some devotees assembled there have gone thru strong Karmic currents (Karma Phala) and this required the Mahasan kalpam to protect them from negative effects of karma. Thus the Chandi Homam with the chants of the Durga Saptashati Maha mantra was conducted with great enthusiasm and Devotion.

Sri Matre Namaha

– R.R.Prasad