Report on 31st Chandi Yagnam, Thiruvallur

On the very auspicious Krishnapaksha Navami , the 31st Maha Nava Chandi Yagna was held on Thursday the 12th of July 2012 at Tiruvallur.
Normally, organising such a grand yagna on a weekday would prove a mammoth task with literally no volunteers from Chennai but the Yagna turned out to be a smooth flowing event. The Yagna was very efficiently organized and brought to completion within the scheduled time.
Lakshmi ji started the Yagna by invoking the guidance of her Guru and the Divine Mother. She says her mind is completely drawn into the finer details of the rituals and the procedures of the Yagna that she becomes unaware of the devotees coming in, to participate in the Yagna.
Lakshmi ji attributes the success of the Yagna to her faith and conviction on the grace of the Divine Mother and her Guru!
Lakshmi ji says that any action performed with such faith will but bring success and she feels the Divine Mother goes one step ahead helping us along the way. For instance,the Agni Mathanam was instantaneous and  it rained before and after the Yagna but did not cause any disruption.

She says ‘the magnanimity of the Divine Mother’ (Devi  Mahatmyam) is verily evident where it is said that performing Chandi Homa removes all obstacles/sufferings which are broadly classified into 3 types:

Adhyatmika – suffering caused by one’s own body and mind
Adibhautika – suffering caused by fate or other beings
Adidaivika – suffering caused due to natural forces like heat, cold, rain, etc

In Chapter 1 and 4 of Devi Mahatmyam, Brahma and Indradhi Devas sing the glories of the Goddess and pleased with them, Devi helps in the restoration of cosmic order where she is depicted in her universal form as Shakti, the very Creator of the Universe.
In Chapter 12, Devi reiterates that whoever with a concentrated mind shall pray to me constantly with these hymns, I shall without doubt remove all types of sufferings.

Let us all sing the Glory of the Divine Mother says Lakshmi ji, the embodiment of the Divine Mother’s compassion and says that she performs Chandi Yagnas regularly for the benefit of all humanity !!

– Shubha Srivatsan