Report on 33rd Maha Nava Chandi Homam, Thiruvallur

Om Sri Matre Namah.

“Meenakshi Illam” was the venue for yet another Chandi Homam conducted by our Guruji, Sri LakshmiJi under the Lokakshema Trust banner. The Homam was performed with the usual enthusiasm with devotion.

Sr LakshmiJi said that this time a larger number of devotees who took part in the sankalpam and the Mahasankalpam  only goes to show that many people are coming into the circle with a lofty desire for Lokakshema.

Sri LakshmiJi also said many number of devotees from abroad have also been drawn in by the Power and the Grace of Goddess Meenakshi  thru the Lokakshema website .

The Homam by itself commenced at around 1.30 pm and was concluded at 8.30 pm with poorna ahuti.  Sri LakshmiJi took the opportunity to read a few passages from the Devi Mahatyam and explain to the gathering who appreciated the brief talk very much.

As a sign of Divine Presence there was a light drizzle during the performance of the Chandi Homam.

The rain began at the start of the Homam. Sri LakshmiJi propitiated Lord Ganesha by breaking the coconut to mitigate the rain and to pray for rain to pour after the successful completion of the Homam. Her prayers were answered. The rain stopped for an occasional drizzle during the performance of the Homam and poured after all the devotees had completed the Homam and taken the prasadam. This is just to show that Prakriti/ nature manifests itself according to sincere prayer and sankalpam (lofty ) objective.

The rain or drizzle has been observed during almost all the Chandi Homams. Many devotees and readers might wonder why this aspect has been highlighted in almost all the reports on Chandi Homam.

We, therefore seek the indulgence of the readers to explain briefly the spiritual / religious significance of water (rain/ drizzle etc)

In Sanatana Dharma , water has a very special place. Water is the life force (Prana) that activates every organism on this Mother Earth. Every living thing that throbs with this Prana depends on water directly or indirectly. The grass and plants and trees grow and sustain only with rain. With the advent of rain new sprouts come up and give us food (Annam) The earth is the sustenance for millions of insects and small organisms that live on plants and grass etc. All these insects in turn are the food for birds and certain types of animals like cow, goats and other herbivores. These herbivores are in turn the food for larger animals like the lion , tiger etc… Even the animals like fish which live in water cannot sustain even for a minute without water. Lalitha  Sahasranam says that the Mother is aabrahma keeta janani  (She is the Mother for everything,  from the greatest  brahmanda to the tiniest insect or organism)

It is proved by science today that man can sustain even upto a month without food but not for even a couple of days without water. Apart from the bodily requirement water has spiritually, cleansing powers. That is why we use water for achamanam ( symbolical cleansing of body and the spirit) before every pooja and prayer.

And water is one of the important elements amongst the five fundamental elements (Panchabootha ) Hence, it is part of nature. And Nature is Prakriti. And Prakriti is nothing but a form of the omnipresent Parasakthi. Many scriptures and treatises have vouched for this. And therefore Water is a symbol of fertility. Fertility is a feminine force that is always associated with Divine Mother.

It is a well known fact that all great civilizations have risen along the banks of rivers. In fact all the great temples and pilgrim centres are also either at on the banks of a river or have large water tanks. When one goes for a pilgrimage we call it “ teertha yatra” and not “Aalaya Yatra”. We are first to visit the water tank or river , have a bath and only then go seek the darshan of the Lord in the temple. “Teertha” or water, which is given everywhere as the main prasadam has such great significance.

A gentle rain or drizzle that either cools the atmosphere or enlivens a pooja or Homam can only be a clear sign of Divinity and nothing else.

Sri Matre Namah.

– R.R.Prasad